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Bank's current systems and issues Today, Retail and Private Banks' Core Banking System (CBS) and Portfolio Management System (PMS) are strong assets. They have matured over the years and are often a very solid basis for the rest of the satellite IT systems. They are used to efficiently manage the basic core banking data, like clients, portfolios, their security composition, the pending orders, the market transactions and so on. Portfolio-level and bank-level consolidated metrics however are often based on long running algorithms and are therefore…

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Consulting Chronicles

Reinventing Banking & Trading on iPad for Keytrade Bank

This is the END.   We created an iPad app for Keytrade Bank, and we just launched it!, You can download it here. Please contact us if you what to talk with us about this reference & our expertise!   Mixed feelings: happiness because it’s really a major achievement, nostalgia because we really loved building this app and now we are just slightly nervous as we hope users will love to consult their accounts, transfer money and trade using the Keytrade app as much as we enjoyed…

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