Speaker at USI 2013? Now possible thanks to the call for paper!

le 01/02/2013 par Céline Pageaux
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Last year we created a system called « call for paper », which allows anyone to propose their session and be part of the official program! Its success was made apparent through over 50 proposed sessions and nearly 20 callbacks!

Once again this year, we invite you to propose your session, with the deadline set on the 4th of March, 2013:

  • Do you have a biography, a session title and resume, and a high-definition picture?
  • Are you an opinion leader, a referent on one or more IT subjects, a super geek, a manager, or part of IS department?

Then you're ready! We need your contibutions, your ideas, and your knowledge to make the 5th yearly USI an event as great as the reputation that proceeds it. As many as 700 guests are expected this year!

The USI team will determine, after having studied your proposition, the length of your session (20 or 40 minutes). For a callback, the first criteria will be the quality of the proposed session's resume (depth and form). Thus we count on you to send your best work, one that will astound members of the jury. The USI team will study every proposition and select those that seem the most interesting. You may be invited to come present your session beforehand, and the final list of accepted candidates will be announced at the end of March 2013.

You can also see the list of proposed sessions online, and vote for the ones that you most want to see at USI 2013. The USI site has everything you need to post sessions on popular social networks, allowing you to easily share your session with those around you. So don't hesitate!

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Click here to submit a session for USI

A glass to your candidacy then, and thank you! The USI team