OCTO will organize a workshop "User eXperience" with Adaptive Path - April 10th, 11th and 12th

le 19/02/2013 par Nelly Grellier
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Since 2007, OCTO intervenes on problems involving User eXperience as a key element in helping its clients achieve innovative products and applications, useful and usable in tune with the complexity of their business challenges. After our first meeting during USI 2012, we are delighted to welcome the Adaptive Path team for a workshop which will walk you through UX from strategy to practice, promising intesity despite a playful approach.

Jesse James Garrett's team, Adaptive Path, will give for this workshop UX Essentials ( Programm details - pdf version) entirely dedicated to UX, provided for the first time in France on April the 10th, 11th and 12th !

« After my keynote at USI, I looked forward to working with OCTO again. I am happy we have this opportunity to work together to bring UX thinking to France! »

Jesse James Garrett, Chief Creative Officer, Adaptive Path.

Each day includes fun, hands-on activities designed to build skills and provide a framework that participants can immediately put into practice.

This workshop is led by Adaptive Path practitioners and will examine the key elements that contribute to creating great experiences.

Participants will spend a day immersed in strategy, followed by a day focussed on research, then wrapping it all up with a day devoted to putting those insights into action.

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