N°1 betting operator in Europe lets you dive in an immersive horse race

What if you could race like a jockey ?

It is now possible with « LeTrot 360 Digital Immersion« , an immersive experience created by PMU (N°1 parimutual operator in Europe) and OCTO Technology!

On the 25th november, our team was proudly on stage during the “J-60 Grand Prix d’Amérique” Countdown Gala to provide guests an immersive horse racing experience using Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

Fine example of Open Innovation: PMU, LeTrot in partnership with Radio France and supported by OCTO launched this experience, called « Letrot 360 Digital Immersion« , which allows the user to virtually become driver (jocke) during a race surpassing the limits of realism using advanced 360° sound and visual immersion.

LeTrot360 Digital immersion panoramique


This digital immersion was made possible by OCTO team collaboration on 360 capture, Oculus Rift expertise and dedicated sound spatialization algorithms.

« The contribution and the technological expertise of OCTO Technology on innovative interfaces enabled us to create, in record time, this incredible immersive experience of horse racing using Oculus Rift » says Gérard Beaufort, Chief of Innovation and PMU Lab.


This event operation is part of the PMU’s business 2020 strategy, which aims to define a new model of development and growth by PMU touching new categories of bettors especially among new generation using their attractiveness for digital innovations.

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