Live USI Paris now !

This year, all the sessions of the main conference room (and thus all the keynotes) will be broadcasted in live on the website now !


You’ll have the choice to watch the sessions translated or not.

Please find below all the USI sessions that you can watch in live or not today and tomorrow:

June 28th:

  • Simon Sinek’s Keynote
  • The birth of a word, Deb Roy
  • Military operations of the 21st century. Battle field digitisation, Henri Bentegeat
  • Is our history written in advance? Feedback on the impact of demography on our society? Pierre Sabatier
  • Ray Kurzweil’s Keynote
  • Alexandre Dayon’s Keynote
  • The end of relational data bases? Olivier Mallassi
  • Juridic aspects of the Cloud Computing : learning to browse in safety, Benjamin May
  • What kind of mobile strategy for companies? Jean-François Grang et Olivier Martin
  • LinkedIn, Yassine Hinnach
  • Wolfgang Von Rüden’s Keynote


June 29th:

  • Michel Serres’s Keynote
  • Beyond the « generation Y », cutural diversity and its opportunities for companies, Benjamin Chaminade
  • Is the scientific labour organization of the industrial era, applicable to the digital era? Vincent Lextrait
  • André Compte-Sponville’s Keynote
  • Stephen David’s Keynote
  • Brain-computer interfaces, Dr Geoffrey Mackellar
  • Connecting all the objects? Why? rafi Haladjan
  • Pattie Maes’s Keynote


Live USI

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