Last days to benefit from 20% reduction on your USI 2011 registration, june 28th&29th

le 21/01/2011 par Céline Pageaux
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In three years, USI has become the reference conference for « geeks » and « bosses » wishing to create Information Technologies that transform our society and our organizations.

During the first editions, we had the great honor to welcome important persons such as Neil Armstrong, Eliyahu Goldratt, Juan Enriquez, Neal Ford, Chris Anderson, Martin Fowler... and many actors of our professions coming from Google, Microsoft, SAP, Mozilla,...

This year again, we will develop 50 sessions on different subjects around 4 themes:

  • Differently: inspirations coming from other domains (for eg. sciences, architecture, medicine), video games editors, Web masters, Big Mashups, DevOps.
  • Technically: Cloud in practice, coding masters, Big Data, event architectures, mobile architectures, HTML5 vs owner.
  • Humanely: social impacts of IT, animation dynamics, human factors, personal efficiency, agile and Lean transition.
  • Shortly: prospective, evolution of our jobs per sector, future interfaces, IT at the speed of light, blend of Web and TV.

And once again renowned personalities:

  • Pattie Maes, associate porfessor, MIT
  • André Compte-Sponville, philosopher and member of the Comité Consultatif National d'Ethique
  • Michel Serres, philosopher and member of the Académie Française
  • Simon Sinek, leadership expert and author of "Start with WHY"
  • Benjamin Chaminade, international expert in "Talent Management", Génération Y
  • John Allspaw, VP technical operations, Etsy

You only have 10 days (01/31/11) to register and benefit from our promotional offer : 20% reduction on your USI registration fee (€1 560 net of charge instead of €1 950; group registrations also possible).