Kanban Workshop with David Anderson in Paris

yeswekanbansmOCTO et David Anderson organisent la première formation Kanban en France, les 28 et 29 janvier 2010. Cette formation sera dispensée en anglais.

OCTO and David Anderson are holding the first Kanban workshop in France January 28th and 29th.
This intensive 2-day Kanban workshop with the Kanban pioneer provides an introduction to Lean, Pull Systems and Kanban and will explain how established industrial engineering theory can apply to software development process.


Participants in the workshop will learn how to use the simple process of limiting work-in-progress as a driver of change. Kanban is a change management method and a different approach to striking agreements between IT and the business.

You’ll learn how to define the policies that constrain the collaborative game of software development. You’ll learn how to use those policies to manage risk and to reset negotiations and recast them as collaborative problem solving.

Used effectively, Kanban will change you and your organization. If your workplace has been stagnating and you are looking for new ideas to unleash productivity, innovation, collaboration and creativity, take 2 days and come along.

What you will learn ?

  • An introduction to Lean, Pull Systems and Kanban
  • 4 areas of focus to deliver success
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Process Flow Tracking
  • Implementing different classes of service
  • Implementing a culture of continuous improvement (Kaizen)
  • Applying established industrial engineering theory to software development process
  • Controlling WIP
  • Identifying, classifying and managing bottlenecks
  • Defining release and input cadence for a kanban system
  • Using Metrics and Reporting to drive continuous improvement
  • Establishing policies to prevent abuse and gaming of the kanban system

How you will learn ?

  • Case studies
  • Work group exercices on real examples
  • Sharing experiments with one of the Kanban community leaders

Is this for you ?

If you are a software development executive, project manager, development manager, project lead or developer and you would like to learn how Lean, Pull Systems and Kanban can provide a useful perspective to consider the entire value chain beyond the pure software development, this Kanban workshop is for you!

Pour les participants français, cette formation peut être prise en charge par l’organisme de formation de votre entreprise et dans le cadre du DIF (Droit Individuel à la Formation).

About the presenter

David J. Anderson leads a management consulting firm focused on improving performance of technology companies. He has been in software development for 26 years and has managed teams on agile software development projects at Sprint, Motorola, Microsoft and Corbis.
David is credited with the first implementation of a kanban process for software development in 2005. David was a founder of the agile movement through his involvement in the creation of Feature Driven Development. He was also a founder of the APLN, a founding signatory of the Declaration of Interdependence, and a founding member of the Lean Software and Systems Consortium.
He moderates several online communities for lean/agile development. He is the author of the book « Agile Management for Software Engineering – Applying the Theory of Constraints for Business Results ».
Most recently, David has been focused on creating a synergy of the CMMI model for organizational maturity with Agile and Lean methods through projects with Microsoft and the SEI. He is based in Seattle, Washington, USA.


Registration: 8:30-9am
Workshop: 9am – 5pm


50, Avenue des Champs-Elysées, Paris, France


1500€ for the 2 days workshop.


Please download one of those forms :

Contact, Information

[email protected]

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