The “BAF” improvement technique of the OCTO

The “BAF” is a technique widely used in OCTO.

In general, this allows the consultant for a continuous and incremental way to propose a delivery, a technical definition, an article, a conference, etc … Always together with a critical review of the counterparty, with a view to continuous improvement.

In the OCTO development sessions historically assumed the name of “BAF”.

NB: Our consultants equipped with the technique called “PG” (Perfect Game) advocating a meaningful assessment in the form: “I put x / 10 because I liked … To 10/10, you should add / fix …”

Still, our clients often ask us about specific interventions to help them in application architectures, and use of technology …

We recently innovated to offer a customer the “BAF” technique to propose the architecture of a .Net application in a day, with three architects OCTO.

Given the history of “BAF”, this proposal proved challenging …

The day came, after a brief presentation of the company, the project objectives and architectural solutions chosen, then the participants:

• discussed the reasons for the choice of architecture made

• Took the colored pens to discuss a flip about the best solutions available in the world .Net

• They decorated the room with architectural diagrams

• They discussed examples of code

• And of course, ate and had coffee on the terrace OCTO France

After a day of work, the “roti” (Return on time invested: Participants in an event evaluates on a scale of 1 to 5, the value of the event that brought them in regards to time spent) revealed … and without rounding the overall score was 5!

This exceptional recognition was confirmed by feedback received soon after by mail: “We are impressed with the performance The technical expertise was perfect, pedagogy, methodology … the customer returned some praise with a touch of modesty, for a great recipe.”.

This is a success story that we always aims to repeat. And why not, next time, with your company?

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