Big Data

Accelerating NiFi flows delivery: Part 1

While working in different contexts with NiFi, we have faced recurring challenges of development, maintenance and deployment optimization of NiFi flows. Whereas the basic approach suggests to manually duplicate pipelines for similar patterns, we believe that an automated approach is relevant for production purpose when it comes to implementing a significant amount of ingestion flows relying on a limited set of patterns or, more simply, when it comes to deploying these flows on different environments of execution. The ability to reach the right level of…

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Consulting Chronicles

Reinventing Banking & Trading on iPad for Keytrade Bank

This is the END.   We created an iPad app for Keytrade Bank, and we just launched it!, You can download it here. Please contact us if you what to talk with us about this reference & our expertise!   Mixed feelings: happiness because it’s really a major achievement, nostalgia because we really loved building this app and now we are just slightly nervous as we hope users will love to consult their accounts, transfer money and trade using the Keytrade app as much as we enjoyed…

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