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Automating Over The Air Deployment for iPhone

Automating Over The Air Deployment for iPhone Since the release of the iOS4 we are able to distribute iPhone applications "Over The Air" (i.e: directly downloading the application from the iPhone without using iTunes). This greatly simplifies the deployment process especially for entreprises where iTunes is rarely a corporate tool. It also allows you to create your own enterprise App Store. But until now it was a fully manual process : not anymore ! In this article we'll see how to automate the deployment with…

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Xcode 3.2.3 , IOS4 and OCMock

To unit test our iPhone developments we rely heavily on Google-Toolbox-for-Mac and OCMock. After updating to the iphone SDK4 (IOS4) and Xcode 3.2.3 we had an unpleasant surprise : our testing frameworks refused to compile and as of today we have no information about how to solve this situation. Nevetheless we managed to resolve this problem :

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