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Technical Due Diligence–Safeguarding your IT Startup Investment

Or, how to invest then add value to your startup portfolio Translated from French by Natalie Schmitz. Original French article : Due diligence technique – sécuriser son investissement dans des startups IT Introduction While many companies are still reeling from the ongoing coronavirus crisis, startups are taking the hardest blows. The French government injected 4 billion euros into the sector to help keep them afloat. For BPIFrance, the talk of the season is on which horses to bet.   The pandemic has bred frailty and imposed…

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Accelerate Innovations by Blending the Best Practices of Three Models of Innovation Diffusion (Gartner, G.A. Moore , C. Christensen)

Introduction When building innovative products we draw upon several models to help us follow the cycles and gauge products’ maturity levels (technological, market and use). We noticed that 3 complementary, superimposable models converge and together provide a coherence that makes the most of the various recommendations and best practices of each innovation strategy. The 3 diffusion of innovation models we’ve identified are: The Gartner model and “hype cycle”  Geoffrey A. Moore’s Diffusion of Innovation model  The “Innovating over the Horizon” model, popularized by Clayton Christensen

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FinTech what are the next steps

Introduction In 2014, my colleague Stephen Perin and I wrote “FinTech Is Cannibalizing Banks!” a White Paper that had a certain impact in France and even in Canada. We have been following the innovation in retail banking since 2010, and this WP was meant to create a sense of urgency. In March, 2015, we organized a small Finovate in Paris (FinTech Day) where 20 French FinTech came to demonstrate their solutions. It was the first event of its kind in France. Sure, we are running…

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