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Add Lint checks to Android Maven builds

Android offers a great tool to leverage the quality of apps : Lint. Lint can check missing translations, unused resources and other common mistakes in Android programming. Nevertheless, up to now it was not possible to use Lint inside automated builds (i.e. on a Continuous Integration server like Jenkins). This situation just changed with release 3.5.1 of the Android Maven Plugin.

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Archi & Techno

Android Testing :: testing private methods

span.code { font-family: monospace; font-size: 1.2em; } This article is about testing private methods in android. This is a fairly common problem in android (even in Java at large) and can be solved easily. The technique proposed here provides the additionnal benefit of using a traditional way of solving the problem in the Java world. (suspense :) ) Using the android platform, you are used to divide your application into two projects : one for the main source code of your application, one for the tests

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