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Edge Computing : learn to delegate

While the interest for the Internet of Things by companies is no longer to be proven, this area continues to give a hard time to experts, as for security and architecture. Indeed, the multiplication of data sources brings a reflection on the architecture of networks. As Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO) said on stage in 2017: "When I joined Microsoft in 1992, all Internet traffic was 100 gigabytes a day. Today is 17.5 million times that amount ... per second! "And we are only at the…

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IoT and Security: an impossible union?

One of the most crucial questions to ask about the Internet of Things today is: does the IoT have a future despite its inherent lack of security? Studies show that despite the obvious acknowledgment that this ecosystem is full of security breaches that can endanger its functioning, companies' interest in IoT does not go away. Indeed, in a pragmatic dynamic, organizations opt for the undeniable contribution that these technologies bring on their business and their methods of work compared to the dangers generally accepted as…

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