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From Mobile developer to WEB Front developer (1st part)

OCTO is a great place to work and even greater place to grow. As an Octo consultant I'm used to learning and improving on a regular basis. Sharing knowledge is a central value of OCTO's culture. I have been told to always try to find a better way and to push the boundaries of knowledge. As sharing is a core value, I could help by sharing this new career path I've choosen. After 5 years spent in the iOS development field, I had the strange feeling that I wasn't…

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Archi & Techno

USI Mobile Applications: A success in figures

The 9th USI Conference organised by OCTO took place this year on June, 6th and 7th. If you do not already know what USI is, you should have a look at and the great video talks on their YouTube channel ( As USI lovers,  OCTO Mobility team cared to deliver the best experience to all attendees providing them good-designed, well-crafted mobile applications. It is now time to have a deeper look into usage analytics during these two amazing days at the Carrousel du Louvre. 

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