Thibaut Gery

Posté le 15/07/2017 par Thibaut Gery

Flynn is a Platform as a Service that allows to deploy and scale applications easily. It is based on containers, it is open-source, and its pitch is:Throw away the duct tape.The first impressionThere are many ways to install the platform, using vagrant, or directly on a server. I chose to install it on AWS. The set-up is simple: through a custom we...

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Posté le 15/11/2016 par Thibaut Gery

My first project right after school was called KISS which meansKeep it simple, stupidThree years and a few IT projects later, I thought that I got it right and applied the following rules:keep your applications small and simple,remove most of its complexity,don't over-engineer,all code and user stories have to be maintained (YAGNI)Yet a few weeks a...

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Posté le 22/12/2015 par Thibaut Gery

This article aims at showing how we can centralize logs from a Docker application in a database where we can then query them.This article is built around an example where our application consists of an nginx instance, an Elasticsearch database, and Kibana to render beautiful graphs and diagrams. The code of the example is available on github.We nee...

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Posté le 06/01/2015 par Thibaut Gery, Jean-Charles Dessaint

Dans cet article, nous avons décidé de vous parler de tests fonctionnels appliqués à du code .NET.Vous pourrez (re-)découvrir l'intérêt et le fonctionnement de la mise en place ce type de tests sur votre application.Il faut savoir qu'à ce jour, il existe des dizaines de frameworks .NET de tests fonctionnels. C'est pourquoi nous avons décidé de nous...

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