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Test your infrastructure code with Terratest

With the emergence of Infrastructure As Code, (Ansible, Puppet, Heat or Terraform), we’d like to take advantage of all the good practices brought by the Software Craftsmanship movement in order to guarantee our infrastructure’s code quality. Every professional developer knows that to ensure code quality you need tests. One of the resulting practice is TDD aka Test Driven Development. As a reminder, TDD consists in: begin by creating a test; verifying it’s failing; writing the code necessary to make the test succeed; relaunching the test…

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AWS Summit Sydney 2018

Hi, I’m here to talk about the last day of Sydney AWS Summit Sydney 2018! It was my first attendance ever at an event of this type, I have to say it’s quite a different vibe than your usual meetup! The lights, the loud music, they really know how to stage a show. Who is the big star of the year??? It’s Machine Learning!!! Containers management is coming close behind. AWS is pushing its vision to create a seamless customer experience where the machines adapt…

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