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Infrastructure and Operations

JenkinsX – new Kubernetes dream? Part 2 [Technical!]

Alright, stranger! As we pass through the stage of basic Jenkins X overview in our  first part , we are ready to go to infinity and go beyond the general application of Kubernetes environment. In this article, we are going to step further into Jenkins X world, by going through a step-by-step setup process and creating quickstart project. Furthermore, you will get an overview of what is going on in the background, detailed description of Git flow, release management and magic behind deployment automation. Please,…

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Archi & techno

JenkinsX – new Kubernetes dream? Part 1

Hi there! Today we’re going to share about Jenkins X. I think every developer knows what Jenkins is. Or at least has heard of it once. But what is ‘X’? Basically, Jenkins X is not just a CI/CD tool to run your builds and deployments, it is an attempt to automate the whole development process end to end for containerised applications based on Docker and Kubernetes. It is obviously open source, as all best applications. This sounds very promising at a high level. So, let’s…

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