Erwan Alliaume

Posté le 27/12/2018 par Benoît Gastinne, Erwan Alliaume

We have already presented Hashicorp Vault on this blog, how it is working in PKI mode (FR), its integration with AWS (FR) and with Kubernetes (FR).This time we will focus on another Vault goodness: how to use Vault to manage your SSH accesses in your infrastructure.To do that, we are going to use in the article the SSH Secret Engine provided by Vau...

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Posté le 15/10/2018 par Erwan Alliaume, Sébastien Roccaserra

Documented in 2005 by Alistair Cockburn, Hexagonal Architecture is a software architecture that has many advantages and has seen renewed interest since 2015.The original intent of Hexagonal Architecture is:Allow an application to equally be driven by users, programs, automated test or batch scripts, and to be developed and tested in isolation from ...

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Posté le 28/08/2018 par Erwan Alliaume, Benjamin Le Roux

The serverless brings many benefits for the deployment of web applications such as autoscaling, availability and having a very fine granularity on costs (billing per 100ms for AWS lambda). And of course the absence of server management (installations, patches,...). This article makes an inventory of the cold and warm start call metrics with AWS Lam...

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Posté le 07/12/2015 par Erwan Alliaume, Philippe Prados, François-Xavier Bonnet, Fabien Arcellier, Emmanuel Fortin

It is the morning, at dawn, before the fortifications. Men are ready. For some time now, things have been moving with small changes, from here to there. The foundations are cracking, challenging them. Moreover, some have already made the leap. Others hesitate. The question is no longer about whether one is doing it, or if one is resisting, but rath...

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Posté le 09/06/2015 par Erwan Alliaume, Philippe Prados

For years now, any process running in parallel of others has required a dedicated thread. We believe this paradigm to be outdated.As the number of clients rises at an unprecedented speed, it seems no longer possible to multiply the number of threads without negatively impacting performance. We showed in our JavaEE Bench (witten in French) how perfo...

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Posté le 01/06/2015 par Erwan Alliaume, Cédrick Lunven, Julien Kirch

Having written about monitoring flow and best practices for setting it up, let's move onto a practical example. We'll define a mini-information system combining services and messages, then we will show how to monitor it, including technical explanation and the full code.The application components presented in this article have generic names (fronte...

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