Candice Fraisse

Posté le 19/07/2023 par Candice Fraisse

The goal of this article is to induce together various types of concept drifts on the UCI Wine dataset as well as understand and test different drift detectors. The code and GitHub repository is provided. A vos claviers!Did you say drift?This is Part 2 of the Drift Article series. If you want to learn more about Concept Drifts and Detectors, please...

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Posté le 13/06/2022 par Candice Fraisse

In this article, we will introduce the notion of concept drifts: how to define and detect them.Congratulations, you have been accepted as part of the Data Science team of an airline company! You were hired to build a Machine Learning model which predicts the company’s monthly profits.After several weeks of experimentations on your Jupyter Notebook,...

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