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WebAssembly, an executable format for the web

With the latest Web browser updates, there is now a standard for high-performance code execution via the Web. WebAssembly is indeed now available on Edge, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. It promises a standard execution environment on all machines, regardless of hardware or OS. Some see in it the future platform for the deployment of universal applications — for mobiles, but not only. A platform that would enable performance very close to that of native applications. Others worry about the upcoming fragmentation of effort and methods…

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Archi & techno

WebAssembly, un format exécutable pour le Web

Avec les mises à jour de navigateurs arrivées ces dernières semaines, il existe désormais un standard pour l’exécution de code haute performance via le Web. WebAssembly est en effet maintenant disponible sur Edge, Safari, Chrome et Firefox. C'est la promesse d'un environnement d’exécution standard sur toutes les machines, quel que soit le matériel et l'OS. Certains y voient la future plateforme pour le déploiement d'applications universelles — pour mobiles, mais pas seulement. Une plateforme qui permettrait une performance très proche de celle des applications natives.…

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Back from DevOps Days Paris 2015

I attended DevOps Days Paris, for which Octo was a sponsor, on April 14 and 15. Here's a small synthesis of the various talks I attended, and the one I presented. DevOps Days are mostly focused on the human side of DevOps, and therefore featured a lot of non-technical talks on the subject. The talks emphasized the importance of empathy and respect, of understanding peoples fears and wants, and of putting yourself in other's shoes. There was also a strong focus on challenging our assumptions…

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