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The Test Pyramid In Practice (1/5)

 If you read this blog or our publications, you know how much testing is tied to software quality and, if I may say so, to software success. I insist on this point because all too often our customers treat tests as the fifth wheel when it comes to development. You know the consequences: an astronomical number of design anomalies, pernicious bugs in production and, worse still, software which ossifies little by little. This article is the first in a series, and will mostly address theory.…

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How to fail at code reviews – S01E01

In the previous article, we introduced a general overview of the code review practice as well as two specific formats we use in our projects. Nevertheless, successfully introducing a new practice is not an easy task. It’s a bit like setting sail for the first time: once in the water, the first meters are always chaotic. There are lots of waves, we wonder whether it was really a great idea. Wouldn’t it be wiser to go back ashore? However, after a bit of dedication, we…

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