A chat with Doug Cutting about Hadoop

We had the chance to interview Doug Cutting during the Cloudera Sessions in Paris, October 2014. Doug is the creator behind Hadoop and Cloudera’s Chief Architect. Here is our exchange below:


A question is: how does it feel to see that Hadoop is actually becoming the must have, the default way of storing and computing over data in large enterprise companies?

Rationally it feels very good. It’s a technology that’s supposed to do that. Emotionally it’s very satisfying, but also I must say I must be very lucky. I was in the right place at the right time and happened to be the person. Someone else would have done this had I not, by now.


Download our white paper “Hadoop Roadmap”

It’s funny because yesterday you were mentioning how Google released that paper about GFS and then about MapReduce, and you seemed surprised that no one else has gone and implemented the paper. How would you describe this, because it was a very big, big task that some people were daunted by taking on or…?

I think, again, I have the right experience from having put some work in open source. I worked on search engines and I could see the value in the technology, I understood the problem, and that combination. And I think I’ve also been in the software business long enough so that’s why I knew what it’d take to build a project that would be useful, that would be used. And I think no one else was positioned ready enough in the competition with that combination of properties. I’ve been able to take advantage of these papers and implement them as open source, and get them out to people. My guess, I don’t know. It wasn’t my plan.

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Save the date USI 2016

See you on June 6 and 7, 2016

Brace yourselves, USI is back June 6 and 7, 2016 at the Carrousel du Louvre!

date, visuel et tarifs early bird de la conférence USI 2016

A unique speaker line-up

Over the past 8 years, the conference has grown to become a benchmark for major international conferences on digital transformation. 1600 attendees are expected this year.

USI’s unique speaker line-up provides a fresh outlook on new technologies. Explore the trends, expand your network and experience inspiring talks in the very heart of Paris.

USI speaks to all players involved in corporate digital transformation.

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N°1 betting operator in Europe lets you dive in an immersive horse race

What if you could race like a jockey ?

It is now possible with “LeTrot 360 Digital Immersion“, an immersive experience created by PMU (N°1 parimutual operator in Europe) and OCTO Technology!

On the 25th november, our team was proudly on stage during the “J-60 Grand Prix d’Amérique” Countdown Gala to provide guests an immersive horse racing experience using Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

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Flocker overview

If you’ve started using Docker for a while you might be asking the same question «how to manage a group of Docker containers into a consistent topology?».

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Web Scale IT (Or, The Patterns of the Giants of the Web) in Gartner’s Top 10 for 2015

Gartner’s long-awaited  Top 10 strategic technological trends  for 20151 have just been released this month and, for the second consecutive year2, one our most cherished topics at OCTO is prominently featured. In Gartner terminology, what we call the Practices of the  Giants of the Web 3, 4 becomes Web-Scale IT , and is inspired by “large cloud services firms5, 6. Here, we offer a brief overview of this trend for 2015. Read more


Octo hosted the first Swiss DevOps Meetup

DevOps CH Meetup Logo

Octo Technology hosted last week in Lausanne (Switzerland) the first meetup of the Swiss DevOps community.

As guest speaker, @NuttySwiss, Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Twitter gave a talk about Apache Mesos, Aurora and SRE.
Mesos is the heart of Twitter infrastructure and allows to run multiple services in a reliable way inside their data centers.
Aurora is the scheduler that run on top of Mesos.
SRE stands for Site Reliability Engineering.

Octo was happy to welcome this meetup and is looking forward to help the Swiss DevOps community to grow.
For further details about the meetup:


Web Giants: video and slides of January 24th conference at São Paulo

On January 24th in São Paulo, Mathieu Despriée – Consultant and Senior Architect at OCTO Technology – gave a talk about the innovative practices the Web Giants use to apply: Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix and LinkedIn to name some.

Here are the video and the slides, covering the following topics:

  • Reduce the Time to Market;

  • Mitigate issues when dealing with growing traffic and high volumes of data;

  • Excellence and quality for the products.






Hadoop 2 stable release is coming and why you should care

The first beta version of Hadoop 2 has just been released. It is the 2.1.0.

More interesting, the stable version is expected to follow by mid-September.

Only a few bugs away from Hadoop 2!

That’s a good news but you might be wondering why you should care about it? After all, the most important is what this new major version can bring to your next datalab or to your production cluster, isn’t it?

In this article, we will cover the differences between Hadoop 1 and Hadoop 2 that you should care about.

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