Author: Sandra Dupre-Pawlak

Archi & Techno

Protocol Buffers: Benchmark and mobile

Going faster on a mobile has become essential. Putting aside the actual choice on the means of communication, the data format used weighs in quite a bit when it comes to the speed. As of Today, JSON has proven to be a standard media for APIs. Still, is this data format suitable for mobile? For instance, handling JSON in an Android environment is difficult.

Other data formats are emerging in recent years like Thrift, Avro, Message Pack or Protocol Buffers.

Protocol Buffers has the ability to have a binary format that is easily adaptable and which can be manipulated. It also has a very basic structure to write and understand and easily generate source code for several languages.

This blog featured two articles on Protocol Buffers (protobuf) in 2012. The version used was 2.4.1, and the standard was proto2.

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