Author: Laurent Ribiere

Big Data

A quick summary and some thoughts on the Scikit-learn workshop

On december 2nd was given at Telecom ParisTech the workshop : “Using Scikit-learn and Scientific Python at Scale” with top contributors from the project as speakers. This workshop was divided into four talks :

  1.    Scikit-learn for industrial applications, basic research and mind reading – Alexandre Gramfort
  2.    Distributed computing for predictive modeling in Python – Olivier Grisel
  3.    Scikit-learn at scale : out-of-core methods – Thierry Guillemot
  4.    An Industrial application at Airbus Group – Vincent Feuillard

Scikit-learn is currently the most widely used open source library for Machine Learning applications. It has been developed in Python (Cython and C/C++) and, with over 1000 documentation pages, has become the major contribution for democratizing machine learning for a large audience.

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